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The Ministry of Industry and Trade transfers the former Russian Toyota plant to Almaz-Antey

Toyota, like most other foreign automakers, stopped production in Russia last spring – an idle mode was introduced at the plant in St. Petersburg, where Camry and RAV4 were assembled. The enterprise did not work for half a year, and in September Toyota decided to close it. In March 2023, the plant was transferred to FSUE NAMI, subordinated to the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The plant, located in Shushary, is designed to produce 100,000 cars a year, and before closing it produced two Toyota models for the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia. The new owner of the site was developing a plan to resume the operation of the enterprise: there were various rumors about the fact that an automaker from Iran was eyeing the plant, and that they would organize the production of Chinese cars there.

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