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The most affordable Haval, which is expected in Russia, entered the market of Kazakhstan

The Haval M6, introduced in 2017, is built on the architecture of the first H6, a crossover that became the best-selling Haval in China in the middle of the last decade. In terms of dimensions, the 4.7-meter M6 resembles the Hyundai Tucson. In our market, it will be sold with a non-alternative 1.5-liter turbo engine for 143 horsepower, but you can choose a gearbox: they will offer a six-speed “mechanics” and a seven-band “robot”.

The equipment will also be only one, but the list of equipment is rather big. It will include a rear-view camera, cruise control, stability control system, emergency brake assist, uphill and downhill assist and other assistants. In addition, the car was prepared for the Russian winter: the body received additional anti-corrosion treatment, and the front seats received a heating function.

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