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The most liquid foreign cars are cheaper than 300,000 rubles

As specialists of the Autocode service told the AvtoVzglyad portal, the most liquid foreign car in this price range is the Japanese Nissan Almera. Nearly 38% of motorists voted for the model.

The French Renault Logan of the first iteration turned out to be slightly less in demand (28%). The top three is closed by the American Ford Focus, whose first generation attracted the attention of a little less than 10% of secondary consumers.

Then again come the “Japanese” – Mitsubishi Galant with an indicator of 7.3%, Toyota Passo and Toyota Sprinter, which were preferred by 4.9% of Russians. By the way, the Korean Hyundai Sonata “earned” the same amount.

By the way, not only the foreign cars mentioned above are considered quite successful for subsequent resale – domestic LADA models also go from hand to hand. Thus, 35.4% of consumers vote in rubles for the battered LADA Granta, and 14.6% for Kalina.

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