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The most luxurious, futuristic, fast and brutal novelties of Chinese companies — Photo — Selector

### Voyah i-Cozy Concept car [обошёлся]( without controls.
Voyah The novelty is designed to combine national aesthetics and technologies of the future, and its appearance is inspired by ancient Chinese mythology.
Voyah There are four seats in the cabin, and almost the entire width of the front panel was occupied by a screen, in front of which there was a luggage compartment.
Voyah ### Hongqi E-LS Other brand concept too [не нуждается]( in the governing bodies. Like Voyah, the style is reminiscent of local traditional motifs. The production version is expected in two years: it will probably be a hybrid or an electric car. Whether the commercial vehicle will get the autopilot of the fourth or fifth level is not said. ### iCar GT Chery [показала]( two new items under the next sub-brand at once. The first model is a two-seater electric car with a sporty look and lifting doors. The coupe also received T-shaped taillights, a steering wheel instead of the usual steering wheel, one display in the center of the front panel, and wheel illumination. ### iCar 03 Another new electric SUV with vertical headlights and Land Rover Defender styling. Despite the brutal appearance, the car turned out to be quite compact: it is comparable in size to the Hyundai Creta. Two dozen sensors and a second-level autopilot are promised. In total, the range of the brand will be six models, including serial versions of both concepts. ### Beijing BJ60 Niying Edition SUV, which will appear in Russia under the BAIC brand, [получил]( a particularly luxurious “neon” version in the style of Mercedes-Maybach. While this is a concept, but it is possible to enter the market. External innovations – 22-inch multi-spoke wheels, an abundance of chrome on the bumpers and grille, two-tone color and nameplates with the name of the performance. The front fascia has been redesigned and the standard leather has been replaced with white nappa leather with red accents. There are no new options for rear riders, but the front seat folds and slides forward by pressing buttons on the sidewall, and there is also an additional climate control zone. ### Great Wall Poer CyberP!ckup Six Wheel Truck [обрёл](×6-pickup-22-04-2023.htm) several interesting features at once. Differences from a standard pickup truck are a special body, body kit, chassis and power plant. The car received three leading axles and five locks. A three-liter petrol V6 is combined with a nine-speed automatic, which has an electric motor built into it. The total return is 517 horsepower and 750 Nm. In addition, there were off-road shock absorbers, lightweight wheels with tires with an outer diameter of 33 inches, a carbon fiber hood and tailgate, white leather and Alcantara in the interior, as well as acoustics with 16 speakers. Perhaps the car will be released in a limited edition. ### Yangwang U8 5.3-meter SUV from BYD [удивил]( 1100-horsepower four-engine unit that accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds. In addition, the novelty is promised a “jumping” air suspension and a fully controlled chassis with “crab mode”. Inside, there are unusual air ducts, huge speakers and a special interface. The display for the digital instrument cluster and the touchscreen for the right front passenger are 23.6 inches each, and the 12.8-inch OLED center screen is curved and set at a 37-degree angle.

Not so long ago, another exhibition ended in Shanghai, where local automakers traditionally presented many interesting new products. If compact crossovers and budget sedans will fill our roads in the near future and become familiar, then some concepts and even production models can truly surprise with style, dynamics and technical stuffing. Our selection includes powerful and luxurious SUVs, cars without controls, an electric sports car and even a six-wheeled pickup truck.

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