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If you already have a dacha, but don’t have a car (or don’t like the current one), we will select suitable options on the secondary market within 2 million rubles.

Behind the wheel

A car for the owner of suburban real estate is the first assistant. Open-close the season, bring building materials, deliver the harvest home … Yes, and just carry the family from the door to the gate and back.

What should be such a car?

First, roomy. Secondly, inexpensive, so as not to shake over every scratch. Thirdly – preferably – all-wheel drive (not all have asphalt all the way to the site). Fourthly – reliable, so that he brings and takes away, and does not act up on the way. Preferably economical, otherwise tomatoes will cost too much.

Let’s pick the options. We will not arrange places. Just five suitable cars.

1. UAZ Patriot – will pass everywhere

Behind the wheel

The first thing that comes to mind is the Ulyanovsk Patriot. It has a really big trunk. Even with the rear seats unfolded – 650 liters, and when folded – a real hold: 2415 liters! If this is not enough, he will take away the cargo on the roof, and on a trailer. If the trailer is not equipped with brakes, the Patriot can pull up to 750 kg. With brakes – 1500 kg.

It is bearable for its size: a car of 2022 can be purchased for 1,700,000 rubles, of 2017 – for 800,000. And you definitely won’t shake it. As they say, tanks are not afraid of dirt, and scars adorn them.

Two “buts”: on the asphalt, the “Patriot” is controlled by a conditional “C grade”, and consumes fuel for two. And in terms of reliability, UAZ is far from an excellent student. Fortunately, at least there are enough spare parts.

UAZ Patriot is a very large and hardy car.  It's a pity that you don't recognize it as absolutely reliable.UAZ Patriot is a very large and hardy car. It’s a pity that you don’t recognize it as absolutely reliable.

2. Renault Duster: comfortable on any country road

Behind the wheel

“Frenchman” (or “Romanian”?) is noticeably smaller than the Patriot. For cars of the first generation, the trunk volume was 408 liters, for the second – 376 liters. Frankly, not much. But for transporting long items, you can fold the rear seats, getting 1409 liters in the second generation and 1570 liters in the first. Up to 100 kg can be loaded on the roof rack. If the trailer is not equipped with brakes, the Duster can pull up to 750 kg. With brakes – up to 1300 kg.

With a ground clearance of 205 mm, excellent geometric cross-country ability and a cool transmission, it is capable of off-road almost the same miracles as the UAZ, and it rides noticeably better on asphalt. Well, the “renoshnaya” suspension is just a legend. With this on any country road comfortably.

All-wheel drive Renault Duster of the second generation (2021) can still be bought for less than 2 million rubles.

The car is unpretentious and massive, there are still enough spare parts, there will be no special problems with the service in the coming years.

Despite the fact that outwardly the second generation Renault Duster has become polished, in fact it is the same Despite the fact that outwardly the second generation Renault Duster has become polished, in fact it is the same “workhorse” as in the first generation.

Expert opinion

Behind the wheel

Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

– If we are talking about an average pensioner who has not accumulated fabulous money, then we should pay attention to locally produced cars.

3. Lada Largus: roomy!

Behind the wheel

If there is still a road to the dacha, a two-wheel drive car will be enough (but with a decent ground clearance). The rest of the conditions do not change.

A suitable option is Lada Largus. Roomy (there is also a 7-seat version), hardy, relatively inexpensive. The restyled (2021) Largus costs about a million, in a rich configuration and with a minimum mileage – about one and a half million. But, alas, even in such a car, the gearbox is manual, and the engine is only 106-horsepower. So both the dynamics and comfort of this car are limited to a minimum level.

But it all makes up for in size. If you fold the rear row of seats, you can get a trunk volume of 560 liters. And folding all the seats – 2350 liters. The opening of the rear door of the car is almost a meter per meter. Passenger Largus are equipped with rails, and they can often be seen with trailers. If the trailer is equipped with brakes, Largus can pull up to 1300 kg. Without brakes – up to 650 kg. on a car with ABS and up to 420 kg. without ABS.

After restyling, the utilitarian Largus began to look more attractive.  But this car is valued not for its appearance, but for its working qualities.After restyling, the utilitarian Largus began to look more attractive. But this car is valued not for its appearance, but for its working qualities.

4. Lada Vesta SW Cross: suitable for both summer residents and summer residents

Behind the wheel

Lada Vesta is probably the most successful domestic car in recent history, and the SW Cross version is the best that has been created in this family. The volume of the luggage compartment is 480 liters, and with the rear seats folded down – 875 liters. Ground clearance – 203 mm (according to the passport). Even if in reality 195 mm is still not bad.

Engine with a working volume of 1.8 liters and a power of 122 hp. gives the car good dynamics, and the robotic transmission or Jatco variator add comfort. So the summer resident will be happy to sit behind the wheel of this car. The summer resident will also note a good combination of energy-intensive suspension and decent handling.

Yes, and the car looks good: dynamic and quite solid for this class. Still, Steve Mattin is a great master. True, because of this design, the Lada Vesta SW Cross looks strange with a trailer. And it can pull up to 900 kg with brakes and up to 600 without brakes.

And a few confuses fuel consumption. In the city, Lada Vesta SW Cross willingly consumes more than 10 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers – with a 55-liter tank.

The newest domestic station wagon looks modern and drives no worse than classmates.  However, it costs accordingly.The newest domestic station wagon looks modern and drives no worse than classmates. However, it costs accordingly.

5. Volkswagen Caddy: solid pluses

Behind the wheel

The German “heel” has many options, both cargo and passenger-and-freight. There is a seven-seat version, there is a 4Motion all-wheel drive, which gives the Caddy good cross-country ability. As for convenience, everything is on top: it’s not for nothing that the car is German. For the same reason, reliability is also high (subject to observance of service intervals and high-quality maintenance). Even with gasoline engines, the Caddy is quite economical, and even more so in the diesel version.

And the most suitable option for a summer resident who can afford such a car could be a Caddy Maxi (long wheelbase), all-wheel drive, with a two-liter 140-horsepower diesel engine. You take out two rows of seats from the passenger compartment – you get a huge (3200 liters) volume for cargo. You put the seats back – there are 7 seats in the car. Gorgeous! It’s a pity, compared to other options from the selection, this one is very rare for Russia.

Depending on the configuration, the Caddy can pull up to 700-740 kg on a trailer without brakes and up to 1500 kg if the trailer is equipped with brakes.

The German The German “heel” is a dream car for a summer resident. For 2 million you can buy a fourth-generation Caddy, and even all-wheel drive (if you’re lucky).

+15 options

Behind the wheel

One could name a number of other cars suitable for summer residents.

Например, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Pathfinder, Honda Pilot, Volkswagen Passat Alltrack, Volvo CX70, Skoda Octavia Scout, Peugeot Traveller, Citroen Space Tourer, Volkswagen Caravelle, Сitroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner, Fiat Doblo, Renault Dokker.

The list can be continued up to the top 10. But the “top” is different for everyone, and it depends primarily on financial capabilities. And most of them are very limited.

Where to go for the weekend, except for the cottage? Interesting ideas here. “Behind the wheel” can also be read in Telegram

Photo: manufacturing companies and “Behind the wheel”

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