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The new LADA Granta was shown on video for the first time


Video: Avtograd news

It is expected that the serial production of the new LADA Granta, also known as “Grant-2”, will begin no earlier than 2024. However, on the network you can already find a huge number of “spy” photos with camouflaged cars. And now the first video is available to Internet users.

Alas, the video clip does not reveal any new details. We only see how two cars alternately pass through the parking lot, located near the car factory. And yes – again in a dense camouflage film.

The administrators of the Avtograd news community, which published the video, also did not tell anything new, limiting themselves to just a couple of words in the description: “NEW GRANTA XJO in motion.” Well, let’s wait.

Recall that according to unconfirmed information, the new LADA Granta is based on the “reno” platform CMF-B. As the head of AVTOVAZ, Maxim Sokolov, said earlier, the model will acquire modern options, but at the same time it will retain its main feature – accessibility.

Insiders say that Grant-2 is 95% ready. This is probably true, because the car was even presented to the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Denis Manturov, a couple of months ago. However, the dates of the premiere and the start of mass production of new items have not yet been disclosed. According to preliminary data, Granta, which replaced the generation, will be put on the conveyor in 2024.



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