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The Russians began to actively get rid of electric vehicles

Despite all the tricks of the authorities, the Russians are still very wary of electric vehicles, which, however, is understandable: even though the infrastructure in large cities is gradually developing, but in general, our country is not yet ready for “green” transport. And it probably won’t happen in the coming years.

Perhaps that is why our fellow citizens, who once took the risk of buying an “electric train”, are in a hurry to get rid of the “technologically advanced” vehicle as soon as possible. Over the past five months, the share of the “green” segment has increased from 0.2 to 0.4% of the total number of advertisements for the sale of “used” cars. Although it is possible that this was facilitated by the development of “gray” imports: many cars arriving from abroad have, albeit small, but still mileage, and therefore fall into the “used” offset.

Be that as it may, the leader in the number of ads in the Avito Auto service is Nissan Leaf (average price – 720,000 rubles): it accounts for 22.8% of all offers. The second place belongs to the Tesla Model 3 (3,599,000 rubles) – a share of 6.9%, and the third place belongs to the Volkswagen ID.4 (3,600,000 rubles) – 4.9%. They are followed by Zeekr 1 (5,800,000 ₽; 4.1%) and Tesla Model Y (5,380,000 ₽; 3.9%). The top ten also included Volkswagen ID.6 Crozz, Tesla Model S, Hongqi E-HS9, Tesla Model X and BMW iX.

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