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The Skoda Superb and Kodiaq to the frost test

MORE DYNAMIC LINES – Less and less until the debut of the new generations of Skoda Kodiaq e Skoda Superb. After having seen the profiles, we can see the first official images of the real models (although still hidden by heavy camouflage) of the SUV and the flagship, which as usual will be available in both sedan and station wagon versions. The Czech house belonging to the Volkswagen Group showed the new Superb and Kodiaq engaged in an intense series of tests successfully completed at the Arctic Circle. We see a Superb, in this case in the wagon variant, which shows a more slender silhouette than the current model, while the Kodiaq appears less angular than the generation it will replace.

> In the photo above a Kodiaq still rather disguised to hide its definitive forms. Under the Superb, that will be station wagon only.

THE EFFECT OF SNOW – Skoda usually develops its new vehicles in extreme cold conditions. At the Arctic Circle every aspect of the fourth generation of Skoda Superb and of the second of the Skoda Kodiaq have been put to the test: chassis, bodywork, engine, heating and electrical system. In the conditions of the Far North, Skoda examines the impact of snow on the bodywork and the effects of snow getting into the engine compartment and air intakes. At the end of the tests, a temperatures of -25 degrees, everything must work perfectly: from the electrical system to the engine, which must start without problems. Likewise, the doors, the bonnet, the tailgate, the fuel filler cap and even the cover for the charging socket of the plug-in hybrid versions must also open and close smoothly.

HARD TRY – In the arctic cold, traveling thousands of kilometers, the behavior of is also evaluated driving in extreme conditions. For example how the new models ride on mud or testing the strength of the suspension and underbody on blocks of ice. Things like the functioning of the assistance systems, the performance of the all-wheel drive or the comfort of the suspension are also tested. On PHEV vehicles, the recharging of frozen high-voltage batteries is tested to establish their maximum range. The test program also includes internal functions, such as the heating system and the heating level thermal comfort interior at extremely low outside temperatures. Without forgetting the evaluation of the touch screen responses when the thermometer drops below zero.

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