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The third stage of the Russian Rally Championship will be held on May 26-28

The Pskov race will open the summer part of the season of the major league of the Russian race.

Behind the wheel

Rally “Pskov” is the only race in Russia that starts with the opening and dopa in the very heart of the city – on the central square.

This year, the athletes will have an expanded program: since last year, qualifications and a choice of starting positions have appeared in the main rally series of the country.

The principle is based on the system used in rally raids: the winner of the qualification will be chosen last, and the intrigue in the starting order will continue until the very end of the selection.

Race Schedule:

26 of May. Start of the competition. Qualification, selection of starting positions.

May 27th. Holding a city spectator special stage in the very center of the city of Pskov. 1st day of the main distance of the competition.

May 28 2nd day of the main distance. Finish. Solemn award.


The Russian Rally Championship has been held for almost 70 years – since 1958. Every year the main rally series of the country takes place from January to October in different regions of the country, from Karelia to the Urals, and has six stages.

Each stage has its own spectators: the rally is attended by 2,000 to 5,000 people.

Up to 400,000 users follow the results online at various sites, from promoter and organizer sites to social networks and YouTube video hosting.

“Driving” can be viewed on YouTube

Source, photo: ASMG

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