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The traffic police changed the questions in the exam tickets for obtaining “rights”

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The list of questions for the theoretical exam of the traffic police when obtaining a driver’s license remained unchanged for many years. Now they decided to correct it a little by adding new tasks – including about means of individual mobility (SIM).

In the standard samples of tickets used in the theoretical exam for those wishing to acquire “rights”, new questions have appeared. Thus, with a significant delay, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reacted to the entry into force on March 1, 2023 of the new edition of the SDA. Most motorists know about them from media reports: these are items related to SIM, parking-stop regulation and something else “little things”.

– Changes in exam tickets affect … issues related to the use of SIM, the validity of signs 3.29 and 3.30 (parking on even-odd numbers), the use of a new light section of a traffic light in the form of a silhouette of a pedestrian and a moon-white arrow, as well as the area of ​​​​sign 3.27 (stopping is prohibited) if it is used in conjunction with the yellow roadside marking line (marking 1.4), the Ministry of Internal Affairs told TASS.



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