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The traffic police does not control, but draws up: who will pay for an accident due to a road pit

And we get the tragic results of the new road policy almost daily. At the same time, it is curious that the road builders themselves suffer from it. The other day, for example, in Tambov, two repairmen got under the wheels of a driver who did not violate traffic rules. And all from the complete lack of control over the activities of road services.

The fact is that the authorities, rightly, seem to be taking care that overly zealous officials do not nightmare business, including in fact forbidding the traffic police to punish builders for poor-quality construction and repair of roads. Today, the guards of the road order cannot even punish the scammers for the hole formed on the road through their fault. That is, they can, but only after a car gets into this hole with all the ensuing sad consequences. And the quality of road repairs in the country has fallen sharply, causing, we repeat, an increase in accidents. And, curiously, a driver who has fallen into a pit is far from always able to receive compensation from road scammers for a damaged car. Although there are still chances.

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