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the trailer of the film based on the game Gran Turismo was released

The premiere is expected on August 11.

Behind the wheel

Sony showed the trailer for the Gran Turismo movie based on the game of the same name for the PlayStation console.

Instead of trying to film the racing sim itself, the creators focused on the story of real-life racer Yann Mardenborough, who competed in the 2011 Gran Turismo Academy competition. He beat 90,000 players to start the real Dubai 24 Hours race with Nissan.

Archie Madekwe starred in the film, with Orlando Bloom and David Harbor in the background. The director of the project is Neil Blomkamp, ​​who directed the sensational science fiction District 9. Premiere in cinemas on 11 August.

“Driving” can be read in Viber

Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment/youtube

Photo, video: Sony Pictures Entertainment/youtube

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