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There is such an expensive one on the Amur! What do the local authorities say about it? (video)

Huge faults through which melt waters gush. There doesn’t seem to be a road here. Or is there?

Behind the wheel

News from the category “no drive, no pass” continues to arrive with a regularity worthy of better use. Another news about the roads completely destroyed in the spring came from the Amur Region.

There, in two districts, local roads were washed away by melt water. As a result, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages were actually cut off from the outside world.

One of these roads was captured on video, and it can be called a road with a huge stretch. Citizens report that about 50 km of the highway is in this state.

Also, residents of the Tyndinsky district say that they turned to the local authorities with a request to put the Urkan-Solovievsk road in order. The answer of the head of the district was: “The road is good!”.

“Driving” can be read in Odnoklassniki

Source: Main Road

Photo: VK video screenshot

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