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There will be a bomb: what will be the brand new LADA Granta 2

On April 28, it became known that the prototypes of the Granta XJO (or Grant-2) project were taken by AVTOVAZ testers to the factory test site. The fact itself suggests that the main engineering work has been completed and the plant is starting the final stages of various checks. At the moment, it is known that the Grant will be shown in two body types – a sedan and a station wagon.

The efficiency is amazing. Therefore, we can conclude: the “trolley” of the model is completely new, but borrowed. This was to be expected, because the “barn” of the current family is nothing but the ancient Kalina. It is already obsolete and it is definitely time to send it to the museum. That is, rumors that the factory workers use the French CMF-B, as part of an agreement with Renault, can be believed. Yes, and designing two body types on the same platform is much easier and cheaper.

But it will not be a blind copy of the same Dacia. Vazovtsy already have experience in finalizing various European technical solutions. Let’s remember LADA XRAY Cross. The hatch had a cool design and good driving performance.

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