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This car (real!) can be ordered by mail

And it will cost about 900 thousand rubles.

Behind the wheel

This Luvly O has something in common with IKEA furniture. A microelectric car worth 10,000 euros leaves the factory unassembled – in a single box.

Luvly, the developer of the collapsible car, is based in Stockholm. The idea is simple – the car is delivered disassembled: 20 parts fit into a compact package. However, unlike IKEA furniture, which is assembled by the customer, Luvly machines are assembled in small regional factories or services.

According to the manufacturer, the production of Luvly O requires 80% less energy than the production of a conventional electric car, and all parts of the car can be recycled.

Behind the wheel

The electric car has a length of 2700 mm, a width of 1530 mm and a height of 1440 mm. The exterior design is minimalist, of course, there is no radiator grille, as well as the usual wheel arches. Also, the car has recessed round headlights, but there is no rear window.

Inside there are two seats and there is even a trunk with a volume of 267 liters.

Behind the wheel

The weight of the microcar is less than 400 kg, and for trips of 100 km, it needs only 6 kWh. Accordingly, the car received a battery with a capacity of 6 kWh. For trips around the city to work or back or for shopping, this is quite enough.

Behind the wheel

The battery consists of two removable parts – they can be charged while taking home. At the same time, each module is charged up to 100% in just an hour (from a conventional outlet).

Luvly also claims to have created the safest car in its segment, featuring a sandwich composite body with impact absorption zones.

An old crash test video of a pickup versus a sports car: This video was filmed around the mid-1990s. It literally collided Ford F-150 and Mitsubishi 3000GT. “Behind the wheel” can now be read in Telegram.

Photo: Luvly

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