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This Tiny V8 Sounds Like The Real One

But before launching it, the master had to work hard.

Behind the wheel

Scale engine models are a great way to play around with mechanics that don’t take up a lot of space.

This little 1:4 scale V8 had a lot of little problems. The ignition order was wrong, the spark plug wires were mixed up. The engine also needed an overhaul of the fuel supply system.

All this has been fixed and also the master has made a new exhaust system that sounds great. Its configuration was first calculated and then printed on a 3D printer.

Behind the wheel

This massive Enjomor DOHC V8 four-stroke gasoline engine has a displacement of 78cc. It can spin up to 9000 rpm and produce up to five horsepower.

The motor is water-cooled and equipped with an oil pump. During operation, the drive belt suddenly breaks, but this does not cause significant damage to the engine.

Kia is preparing a competitor to Toyota and Ford. The car will receive an all-wheel drive system and a turbodiesel engine. “Driving” can also be read on Viber.

Photo, video: Youtube

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