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Threw the trash out of the car? Pick up! Incident in Rostov-on-Don

A respectable act of a motorist from Rostov-on-Don stirred up the attention of subscribers of several major automotive publics.

Behind the wheel

The video was filmed by a video recorder installed on the car of the protagonist. An underestimated “four” is driving in front of his car, from which the driver’s hand at some point throws out garbage …

At this moment, traffic finally gets stuck in a traffic jam, and a situation develops that is most conducive to a heart-to-heart conversation.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

After a little thought, the hero decides to ask: is it possible that his traffic neighbor on the road along which they are on their way, has seen some kind of dump? (Obviously, we rephrased his question a bit.)

The question remains unanswered, and this encourages him to take more active action. He gets out of his car, goes to the car… Let’s see how it all ended!

“Behind the wheel” can now be watched on RuTube

Source: Main Road

Photo: VK video screenshot

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