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Top ten car interiors in 2023

ELECTRICAL DOMAIN – Electric vehicles are at the cutting edge of technology not only in terms of engines, but also in terms of user experience. The American publication Wards Auto has awarded i ten best interiors e relative user experience del 2023: no less than six are electric cars while the seventh is a hybrid car. “For fans of in-car technology and user experience, there may have been no better time to live in,” assures Christie Schweinsberg, Wards editor and judge of the award. The results highlight how the winning electric models brought a feeling of innovation inside their cabins, thanks to huge screens, unusual gear selectors, intriguing graphics and other high-tech features. “The infotainment systems are also better than ever, with menus that are less cluttered and easier to navigate,” Schweinsberg confirms. In addition to being electrified, the winning models also belong to the SUV and crossover segment, also highlighting a trend on the American market towards larger vehicles and expensive. Indeed, only the BMW i7 is a mainstream car and only 7 of the 35 candidate cars were low wheel models.

> In the gallery below, the ten cars awarded for the best interiors and related user experience. What’s your favorite interior?

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