Toyota C-HR: the prototype seen up close

BELOVED IN ITALY – Compact but not too much, high enough not to feel crushed by traffic, hybrid and with a futuristic look that immediately became fashionable, as well as making it very recognizable in the crowded and not very original sector of SUVs and crossovers medium size. With the Toyota C-HRthe Japanese house has hit the mark, since its launch in 2016, achieving great success also in Italy, where after seven years it continues to be the model electrified with high wheels best seller.

VERY SIMILAR TO THE PROTOTYPE – “Refreshed” in the line and updated in some details in 2019, the Toyota best-seller is now ready to hand over the baton to a completely new model, of which the Japanese manufacturer provided a taste with the prototype at the end of last year C-HR Prologue. Prototype that yesterday, on the sidelines of the “Let’s go beyond” convention with which the Japanese giant told the press its vision of tomorrow’s mobility (Who read more), we got to take a close look. But how much will it resemble the concept car that anticipates its forms, the Next generation Toyota C-HR? The answer is very very muchas confirmed by the patent drawings that escaped a few months ago (Who the news). But, to be sure, we will have to wait a few more months for the new one Toyota C-HR will be speeded up, before arriving in dealerships expected by the end of 2023. However, taking a closer look at the prototype, born on the drawing boards of Toyota European Design Development, the style center in the South of France that designed the first generation of the crossover electrified, it is evident how the designers have chosen to stay Very faithful to the shapes of the model original. A car which, as mentioned above, by virtue of its gritty and unconventional style continues to garner widespread acclaim in our country (and beyond) even seven years after its launch.

“SHARPER” AND WITH LESS FRILLS – If, as everything suggests, it will follow the layout and appearance of the C-HR Prologue, the new Toyota C-HR will still be marked by a continuum alternation of angular shapes, which could however be slightly simplified compared to the model on the market today. The front and rear overhangs also remain very short, which, thanks to the very large wheels on the prototype, further increases the “detachment from the ground”, giving the car a major road presence. More aggressive, “sharper”, but also – the manufacturer promises – more practical and comfortable: good news for those who so far had identified the main drawback of the Japanese crossover precisely in the exploitation of the space on board, a little narrow, behind, for taller passengers.

TRICOLOR – Drawing on the shark-nose front end of the C-HR Prologue, it’s safe to expect that the new Toyota C-HR it will have an even punchier look, with a slightly smaller grille and slimmer headlamps. To give further sprint to a look by itself out of the core Finally, the tricolor painting of the bodywork contributes, with darker shades for the rear mudguard area and the roof. A graphic configuration that could also be confirmed for the production model.

ALWAYS HYBRID, MAYBE EVEN ON TAP – On the mechanical front, there is no news compared to what was anticipated by to Volante a few months ago. The information currently available suggests that the engine range will be entirely hybrid: we will almost certainly see the hybrid system Toyota di fifth generation with 1.8 engine for a total of 140 HP or 2.0 for a total of 196 HP, with the probable entry of a rechargeable version with 223 HP able to move electric for a few tens of kilometers thanks to the mechanics taken from the recent Prius (Who to know more).

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