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Toyota Prius 2023: prices announced

SOLO PLUG-IN – Abandoned, at least in Europe, the full-hybrid version, the new one Toyota Prius Plug-in can be ordered in Italy from from 42,200 euros. The new generation Prius adopts a 2-litre petrol engine coupled with an electric unit for a system output of 223 HP and 80km range declared in all-electric mode thanks to the 13.6 kWh rechargeable battery.

THREE FITTINGS – The price of 42,200 euros refers to the set-up Active, which includes 17 “alloy wheels, full LED headlights, Toyota Smart Connect + multimedia system with 12.3-inch display, heated seats and the Toyota T-Mate safety package. The setup Loungewhich is offered starting at 43.700 euro, adds 19-inch wheels, adaptive LED headlights, digital rear-view mirror and electric tailgate. For the top of the range Lounge+the price list starts at 50,000 euros: you will have remote parking and vegan leather seats, in addition to the solar panel roof which allows you to obtain an additional 8 km of electric range.

INCENTIVES FOR ELECTRICITY – For the Toyota Prius Plug-in the emissions figure is fundamental, which in the combined cycle remain below 20 g/km. This data allows the Japanese hybrid to access the range of government incentives dedicated to cars with CO2 emissions ranging from 0 to 20 g/km. Thanks to the eco-bonus provided in the event of scrapping and with the contribution of Toyota, the prezzo can then go down to 34.700 euro for the Active trim level and 36,000 euros for the Lounge. The Prius Lounge+ does not fall within the eco-bonus parameters, but is still offered with a launch promotion that brings its price list to 43,500 euros.

FINANCING AND RENTAL – With Toyota Easy, the Lounge version of the Prius is offered with a 48-month loan which provides for an advance of 5,300 euros and monthly installments of 399 euros. After 4 years, it will be possible to decide to return, exchange or refinance the car. A long-term rental formula is also available, also lasting 48 months, including RCA, Kasko, Theft and Fire and maintenance, with monthly fees starting at 399 euros and an advance of 6,200 euros (excluding VAT).


Prius Plug-in Hybrid Active 42.200 euro
Prius Plug-in Hybrid Lounge 43.700 euro
Prius Plug-in Hybrid Lounge+ 50.000 euro

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