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Toyota working on new generation of EV

TOYOTA STEERING – With the transition to the new CEO Koji Sato, who has replaced Akio Toyoda since January 2023, the Toyota seems to have given a decisive swerve to its ambitions in the electric car market which now include ten new battery electric vehicles and a minimum of 1.5 million cars electric cars sold by 2026.

A NEW PLATFORM – An ambition that was made official on the occasion of the presentation of the financial results for the fiscal year which ended on 31 March 2023. In the context of a market where draft cars are becoming progressively more widespread (in Europe, for example, there are now 7 37 million), Toyota has therefore decided to increase investments dedicated to the development of this type of propulsion. Among them is the creation of a new platform dedicated, which will be used for the new generation models, which will be unveiled in the autumn.

HARDWARE, ELECTRONICS AND SOFTWARE – During the release of Toyota’s fiscal earnings, CEO Sato said the automaker will invest 7 billion euros in development and in the production of electric vehicles by the end of 2030. The Japanese executive added that Toyota’s next generation of EVs they will arrive in 2026 and will be built on the basis of three pillars: a platform for bodywork and chassis, one platform dedicated to electronics and another specific one for software. According to Toyota, the transition to the new dedicated platform will double the range, thanks to more efficient batteries.

IMPROVE PROCESS EFFICIENCY – As suggested by the image released by Toyota at the presentationabove), the next generation of electric vehicles should have a elegant and sporty look, with improved aerodynamics. Toyota then announced the opening of a new internal development center dedicated to battery-powered cars called “BEV Factory“. The main goal is to improve the production process to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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