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Trade-in tires at a car dealer: a catch or a real benefit

The scheme itself is extremely simple and far from new. For example, most of the major tire chains already have it. The client brings his “cylinders” and gives them for evaluation. Then he chooses new tires, and pays the difference to the cashier. Among the “buns” – free tire fitting or storage.

The size of this very difference greatly depends on the condition of the kit that you brought. If traces of puncture repair are visible on it, there is uneven wear, hernias or cracks in the tread part, then this may not be accepted at all. Then there is nothing else left but to go and hand over the “shoes” for scrap. By the way, for this you will receive about 2000 rubles.

If the “cylinders” are in good condition, then, say, Nokian R16 models with a residual tread depth of 5 mm will be bought for about 1300-1500 rubles (total for hands – 5200-6000 rubles). Of course, no one prevents appraisers from lowering you in price. But we’ll leave that up to them.

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