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Traffic police cameras will start issuing a double fine for driving without OSAGO

– As far as we know, the functionality of traffic cameras now allows the Ministry of Internal Affairs to identify violators of traffic rules. If, upon fixing a violation of the Rules, the car will be additionally checked for the presence of an OSAGO policy, there will be administrative consequences for the owner both for violation of traffic rules and for the absence of an OSAGO policy, Smirnov believes.

He also said that the Central Bank plays a coordinating role in the discussion of all interested parties on the issue of “chamber” fines for the absence of a “car owner” from a car owner. In addition, he called “freeriders” car owners who do not purchase mandatory auto insurance policies.

“The presence of OSAGO is a matter of collective security,” RIA Novosti quoted Smirnov as saying.

Characteristically, Mr. Smirnov, advocating fines from the cameras for the lack of OSAGO, almost word for word repeats the arguments of representatives of insurance companies. At the same time, both he and they are silent about the problems with the purchase of a policy by owners, for example, motor vehicles or trucks. Which forces the latter to travel without compulsory insurance. And the crazy OSAGO rates for young novice drivers sometimes look just like prohibitive – especially in those regions of the Russian Federation where the income level of the population is low.

For example, in Voronezh, a young driver, in order to insure under OSAGO, say, an ancient VAZ-2109, must pay 31,500 rubles. Despite the fact that such a car on local ad sites is estimated at 35,000-150,000 rubles. Of course, for a young man, the acquisition of a policy is absolutely not interesting.

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