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Traffic police named the exact number of cameras on the roads of Russia

According to the traffic police, we now have a total of 26,000 automatic fixation complexes. Of these, 23,800 are stationary (21.1% more than a year earlier) and 3,200 mobile, the number of which decreased by 5.7%. Each camera captures a total of about 6,800 traffic violations per year.

Recall that in total in 2022, 183.6 million administrative cases were initiated based on materials from automatic photo and video recording. This is 90% of all decisions for violations of the Rules. The most common prank of drivers among those identified by cameras is exceeding the established speed limit. There were more than 150 million such resolutions in a year. Of these, 95.3% (143.5 million) – exceeding the speed limit by 20-40 km/h.

Thus, almost 80% of the activities of the traffic police chambers and police officers who draw up “automatic” decisions come down to sending out “letters of happiness” under Part 2 of Art. 12.9 of the Code of Administrative Offenses, which implies the minimum possible fine – 500 rubles.

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