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Traffic police: Russian drivers still drink, but kill themselves less often

But the victims of drunken accidents are becoming less and less. Apparently, because the share of fresher and structurally safer cars in the country’s fleet is slowly increasing. Ancient “death capsules” like the Soviet “Zhiguli” are gradually rotting away and less and less often kill drivers and passengers.

NC Road Traffic Safety also calculated that 74.8% of drunk emergency workers were intoxicated, and 6.6% of them turned out to be drug addicts, and the remaining 18.8% refused to be examined. Statistics say that most often people in a mild degree of intoxication (0.16-0.75 ppm of alcohol in exhaled air) got into an accident – 43.2%. The average degree (0.75-1.5 mg / l in the “exhalation”) was found in 40.7% of drivers and only in 22.6% – severe (1.5 ppm or more).

In addition to actually proving a stable and unchanged level of drunkenness while driving in Russia, in its report, the NTs BDD noted a fairly characteristic detail related to global economic changes in our country.

In particular, in the Siberian Federal District, the number of road accidents increased by 1.8%, the number of dead – by 1.3%, and the number of injured – by 2.7%. In the Far Eastern Federal District, there were only 0.4% more accidents, but the statistics of those who died in them turned out to be 2.7% higher, and those injured – by 1.2%. In addition, in the North Caucasus Federal District, the number of accidents jumped by 1.5%. Despite the fact that in 2021 in the same districts a significant decrease in accident rates was recorded.

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