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Under what trees is it absolutely impossible to leave a car with the onset of heat

Perhaps the most insidious tree is poplar, which does not spare either resin or fluff. The latter, by the way, is also dangerous because it clogs the radiator, ventilation system and the engine compartment, where a real fire can occur from elevated temperatures. It’s like putting a piece of cotton wool on a hot stove. In general, stay away from poplars if you don’t want to become a victim of Greenpeace.

Very abundantly “processes” the space around itself and blooming linden. Microscopic droplets create a resinous layer that dries at lightning speed on the car body. It is quite difficult to wash it off, but you should not pull it, because the yellow “crickets” will not take long to wait. Conifers deserve special attention, whose secretions are quite tasty flavored with resin. And what it is capable of, you already know. Do not forget about the fall of cones that can instantly scratch the bodywork.

But mulberry or mulberry leave not yellow, but burgundy and purple spots on the surface of the body, turning the car into a kind of inept styling project. Parking under a chestnut tree will also turn into sticky divorces, which, moreover, can easily throw hard thorn fruits at the car. To help – washing and polishing. But why take the risk when you can park your car away from such vegetation, right?

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