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Unexpected creations of famous tuning studios — Photo — Selector

### GAC Trumpchi Empow R ABT On display in Shanghai [представлен]( Chinese sedan modified by ABT Technologies.
Weibo More than half of this joint venture is owned by YOTTA Automobile (China), 34 percent by ABT Sportsline, and the rest by Cornelius Bursch. The novelty received an aerodynamic body kit, and the main black color scheme is complemented by red accents.
Weibo There are practically no changes in the cabin, except that there is more red now. A 2.0-liter turbo engine (265 horsepower and 400 Nm) provides acceleration to “hundreds” in 5.7 seconds.
Weibo ### Mitsubishi Galant AMG The atelier, famous for its projects based on Mercedes-Benz, has previously worked with other manufacturers. For example, with the participation of a Japanese company, 500 special sedans were assembled.
AMG One of them in autumn 2021 [выставили на продажу]( in Hong Kong for 11 thousand dollars. By that time, a 1990 car had traveled 125,000 kilometers.
AMG Cars were sold exclusively in Japan. Their differences are the original design and forced engines: the power of the 2.0-liter “aspirated” was increased to 170 horsepower.
AMG ### WEY VV7 GT Brabus | automotive Three years ago, another German studio, also famous for its work with Mercedes-Benz, [модифицировало]( Chinese crossover.
Wey He received a special body kit with carbon inserts, 21-inch black wheels and a sporty interior design.
Wey The power unit is standard. A 2.0-liter petrol turbo engine with 227 horsepower is combined with a seven-speed “robot” and front-wheel drive.
Wey ### Brabus Rolls-Royce Ghost 700 A year ago atelier for the first time [взялось]( for refining the models of the famous British company.
Brabus The sedan has gained a carbon fiber body kit, sports exhaust, air suspension with an understatement of 30 millimeters and 22-inch wheels. The power of the 6.75-liter supercharged V12 was increased from 571 to 700 horsepower.
Brabus Acceleration time to “hundreds” was reduced by 0.2 seconds – up to 4.6. Top speed is still limited at 250 kilometers per hour. By the way, we have [видеообзор]( of this supposedly fastest Rolls-Royce.
Brabus ### Brabus Porsche Taycan Turbo S Then same studio [занялось]( by tuning the cars of a cult German company.
Brabus The electric car received a new body kit, a reprogrammed adaptive air suspension with an understatement of 20 millimeters and 22-inch wheels.
Brabus Inside, there are illuminated carbon fiber door sills, aluminum pedals and carbon fiber decor, as well as other upholstery with leather and Alcantara. There are no technical innovations.
Brabus ### Brabus 820 Coupé / Brabus 820 Cabriolet More Germans [доработали]( legendary sports car. Not without a carbon fiber body kit, 22-inch wheels and a clearance reduced by 25 millimeters.
Brabus The return of the 3.8-liter boxer “turbo-six” was increased from 650 horsepower and 800 Nm to 720 horsepower and 900 Nm. Acceleration to “hundreds” takes 2.6 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 335 kilometers per hour.
Brabus However, that’s not all: another block already provides 820 forces and 950 Nm. Acceleration will become faster by another 0.1 seconds, and the “maximum speed” will increase by five kilometers per hour.
Brabus ### Fiat 500C Dolcevita Hybrid “Sail Edition” by Irmscher [обратило]( their attention to the creations of other automakers.
Irmscher The DolceVita convertible with a hybrid setup based on a 1.0-liter three-cylinder FireFly engine with 70 horsepower received purely stylistic innovations.
Irmscher A navy blue color scheme is paired with a beige convertible roof and decals, and there are also 17-inch wheels. Inside – other rugs, a central armrest and special plates. Circulation – 200 units.
Irmscher ### Irmscher Tesla Model Y Tuners [не обошли вниманием]( and an American electric crossover.
Irmscher First of all, they changed the look of the car: there was a “radiator grill”, bumpers and sills, an impressive diffuser, a larger spoiler and 20-inch wheels.
Irmscher The body can be two-tone. The interior is offered to be finished with expensive leather, as well as to add velor floor mats and stainless steel door sills. There are no technical changes.
Irmscher ### Irmscher Volkswagen Multivan From a minibus [сделали]( motorhome with a “kenguryatnik”.
Irmscher A branch of Irmscher Van Systems supplied the car with a simulated power body kit, 18-inch wheels and off-road tires.
Irmscher The body can be made two-tone, and a lifting roof is also available. There are no major changes in the cabin, but a third-party iBox module has been proposed: it will allow you to turn the car into a motor home. The technical “stuffing” is standard.

Some tuners, having achieved fame, stop spraying their forces on models of different brands and focus on finalizing the creations of certain manufacturers. The most fortunate ones even become “court ateliers” of iconic car brands and become associated exclusively with the modernization of their cars. However, sometimes the specialists of such workshops still turn their attention to the products of third-party companies. In our selection – “Chinese” from ABT and Brabus, “Japanese” from AMG and other unusual tuning projects.

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