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Used “originals” or new “analogues”: what spare parts to buy for body repair

However, no one seeks to give away high-quality parts “for a hat of crackers” even at showdowns. Moreover: since 2022, the dealers of “recycled materials” put the price tags higher than for new analogues. For example, a new original door – which, however, will have to wait – for Mercedes-Benz crossovers will cost 150,000 rubles. The same, but without emblems with a three-beam star on the package – at 80,000. At the dismantling, they will ask for at least 110,000 rubles for a “beushka”.

We asked Vadim Adiev, head of the Union of Car Market Professionals, a professional picker and reseller, to comment on the situation. So he, choosing between an “analogue” and a used, but still “live” original spare part, always prefers the latter.

– Practice has shown that most, I don’t speak for everything, analogues are made from foil, which begins to bloom and rust in the very first Russian winter. They are thin, fragile, crumpled from a minimal collision and often cannot even be repaired – the metal burns out from welding. Painted, by the way, is also very mediocre. So I am ready to overpay for the part if it is removed from the car, and not to buy a body “analogue”, even if it is much cheaper, – Mr. Adiev said.

It remains only to add that the showdowns have another important competitive advantage: they always have parts in stock, while many stores do not keep their warehouses and start searching for the right spare part only after client money hits the cashier.

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