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Very unusual new buses – waiting on the roads! — Driving magazine

The French will oppose a double-decker bus-car transporter to the chic model, which is being prepared to be produced in Khabarovsk.

Our Volgabus

Behind the wheel

We talked about the future (already third) site of the bus manufacturer Volgabus. In addition to the factories in the Volgograd and Vladimir regions, an enterprise in the Khabarovsk Territory will be added. Appeared renderings of the car, which can be produced there. This is a chic bus in retro style. If you wish, and not even too much imagination, you can notice the motifs of the stylish Zilovsky bus Youth in it.

There is no information about the car, no characteristics, not even dimensions. Maybe they’re just pretty pictures. But, we are sure that everyone would like such buses to decorate Russian cities and highways. Apparently, they can be used both on not too busy passenger routes, and as tourist ones. Extensive glazing contributes to excellent visibility from any seat.

Behind the wheel

6.7 billion rubles will be invested in the construction of the plant. It will not reach its design capacity of 1,000 buses a year, after 2030.

Behind the wheel

European Symone

The French startup Symone has gone even further in futurism. They came up with an articulated double-decker bus-car carrier – powered by hydrogen.

The idea of ​​the project is to give people the opportunity to explore cities and surroundings in their own car while traveling, but not to waste energy on long hauls. And at the same time not to pollute the atmosphere by burning fuel for hundreds of kilometers.

Behind the wheelBehind the wheel

Cars are loaded on the second floor, passengers are accommodated on the first floor in the business class cabin. Capacity – 18 people and five cars (or fewer cars plus a few motorcycles).

At the service of travelers – individual media systems, a toilet, comfortable chairs, food and drinks. Unlike the train, customers are not tied to a rigid schedule, and the bus route will adjust to the gathering group.

There are no details about the power plant yet. But if Symone is serious about launching hydrogen bus tours, it will require a huge investment. And not so much in bringing the machine itself to a series, but in creating infrastructure from scratch.

How KAMAZ works on hydrogen, see here. “Behind the wheel” can be read in ViberBehind the wheel

Turnkey house or cottage… Easy!

The ideal way to start a country life is to visit an exhibition of country buildings.

To do this, you do not even have to leave the city: there are country houses and cottages in Moscow.

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