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Vesta’s competitor for 1.5 million rubles

Traditional Russian brands are being replaced by new ones. Often this is a parallel import from China, but there are exceptions.

Behind the wheel

Indeed, this model is not from China, but there is a nuance: it is Iranian. There are a lot of rumors about the modern Iranian auto industry, and we are already quite familiar with its past, because we are talking about the Iran Khodro brand, which has repeatedly tried to enter the Russian market.

Za Rulem expert Sergei Zinoviev recalled that Rolf now officially represents Iran Khodro (IKCO) in Russia and intends to sell three models. One of them is IKCO Tara, the price and ideological competitor of the new Vesta.

Behind the wheel

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

This is a modernized and refurbished clone of the Peugeot 301/Citroen C-Elysee. They sell the car in one configuration: engine 1.6 (113 hp), 6AKP.

The engine is descended from the archaic TU5 (EP5) – a cast-iron block, distributed injection. The machine is a modernization of the French AT6 box, which, in turn, is made from the Japanese Aisin TF-70SC.

In theory, this is a reliable and tenacious combination. But nothing is known about the features of the Iranian assembly.

Vehicle equipment for Russia: cruise control, rear view camera, sunroof, air conditioning. The price is 1.7 million rubles. By the way, parallel imports do the same thing cheaper.

And what other alternatives are there to Chinese cars in the budget segment? Let’s figure it out! “Driving” can now be viewed on RuTube

Photo: Iran Khodro

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