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Video: royal version of UAZ-469 or Hummer in Russian – Laboratory

Back in the late eighties, there was a chance that the legendary UAZ on the assembly line would replace [абсолютно новая модель](lab/cancelled-uaz-video.htm), which was basically ready for production. And when this did not happen, he finally became a timeless car – and now, without major changes in size and design, there are 50 years. And yet, in 2010, another attempt was made to completely transform the same UAZ-469 and try to squeeze the last maximum out of it: to make a kind of Hummer H1 out of UAZ in Russian. Fortunately, one copy of such a model was found in the storerooms of the Ulyanovsk plant.

Even the exterior of an SUV does not immediately reveal in it a relationship with an ordinary UAZ. However, all this outer shell is made of fiberglass and installed on top of the classic 1972 model body. At the same time, due to the wide track, it was necessary to build up muscular wings, and leave only two doors on the sides – and this with a huge capacity of ten people and a crazy load capacity of 1300 kg. So why didn’t this awesome SUV go into production and what was it intended for? See the detailed story and explanation in the new video.

By the way, a detailed video about the attempt to replace the UAZ-469 on the assembly line with a new model at the turn of the eighties and nineties can be viewed right now at this link. And at the same time, look at Hunter and Patriot, on which they installed wheels in human height – these UAZs will really never be forgotten. /m

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