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Video: updated Ford Focus perfectly coped with the “elk test”

Ford Focus is one of the most sought-after mass segment models among buyers, and for such a car it is important to be safe for drivers of different levels. In the hands of the journalists of the Spanish edition km77, the new hatchback showed its best side. As part of the races, the car must abruptly change lanes – as if meeting a real animal – into the adjacent lane without hitting a single cone, remaining within the corridor, and then returning to its own lane.

In the hands of journalists was a five-door hatchback with a 125-horsepower hybrid power plant based on a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder EcoBoost engine. Given that this is one of the simplest versions of the model, they did not expect much from it, but at the reference speed for the publication of 77 kilometers per hour, she managed to pass the test.

In the best attempt to stay within the corridor of cones, the expert was able to at a speed of 76 kilometers per hour. And although this is not an ideal 77 kilometers per hour, the behavior of the model, which in 2023 has already turned five years old on the market, impressed journalists. Including their neutral habits, which allow even the most inexperienced drivers to maintain control over the car.

True, it was not without nuances. The test copy of the Ford Focus was in the ST-Line version. This implies a slightly stiffer suspension overall and a multi-link rear suspension since the rest of the rear modifications are torsion beam. Naturally, this cannot but affect the handling of the car.

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