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Vladivostok has become a major automotive hub in Russia

According to the Far Eastern Customs Administration, most cars were imported through Vladik in March: more than 22,000 vehicles crossed the border. For comparison: in the same month last year, this figure was 11,000 cars.

At the same time, the service notes that in April the volume of imports decreased by 14% to 19,500 cars. First Deputy Head of the Vladivostok Customs Konstantin Ponomarev explained that this trend is associated with changes in seasonal dynamics: the flow usually increases in the summer months and reaches a peak in November. Note that all “iron horses” are imported by individuals, that is, they must be intended for personal use.

Recall also that in January, the department summed up its work in 2022. So, for 12 months, about 197,000 cars “arrived” through Vladivostok, which is 72% more than in 2021.

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