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“You don’t need to fill the engine with water …” – “That is, how is it ?!”

Behind the wheel

Most recently, in April, the VAZ-2101 model celebrated another birthday. An excellent occasion to review (and for many to see for the first time) a report on the presentation of Zhiguli in Moscow. The video among the fans of the model is well-known (if not cult), but still full of interesting small details.

For example, it is impossible not to notice that on all the cars (and more than a dozen of them appear in the frame) there are no side mirrors and windshield wipers. Keep in mind that this post was made in 1970.

*This material was created by a person who has the status of a foreign agent in the Russian Federation.

On April 19 of that year, the first six cars were assembled on the assembly line in Tolyatti (the city itself was just being built then), but the truly serial assembly began only in August. So it is not surprising that the first cars could not be completely complete.

By the way, in the first year, the cars were assembled mainly from Italian components, but then even the assembly of engines was localized quite quickly. In the above interview, the test driver speaks about the car only on the positive side.

“Behind the wheel” can now be watched on RuTube

Source: Road Wars

Photo: VK video screenshot

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