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We boarded the Wey Mocca

IT GOES ALONE – If you don’t know what car the Wey Mocca is, don’t worry, because this large plug-in hybrid SUV produced in China is not in the Bel Paese and will not even arrive soon. Before we get into that, let’s take a step back for the usual introductions. Founded in 2016 Wey is the luxury brand of the Chinese giant Great Wall Motora name that perhaps will sound familiar to you, because it stands out on the pick ups sold for years in Italy, like the Steed. Another brand of the Great Wall Motor galaxy (better known by the acronym GWM) that made a brief appearance here until 2021, is the Haval with the small low cost crossover H2. At the moment Great Wall Motor is reorganizing the network of local distributors to prepare its entrance in grand style in Europe and in the days of the Shanghai Motor Show 2023 has confirmed to us that between the end of this year and the beginning of 2024 it will introduce electric vehicles of the Not, his youthful, trendy and full electric brand. The first is the retro-styled utility car No 03which in China is called Funky Cat. However, just to give an idea of ​​the size of Great Wall Motor, which was born in 1984, is based in Baoding (not far from Beijing), is listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, has 70 subsidiaries worldwide, nearly 60,000 employees e in 2022 it sold 1,067,500 vehicles.

IT STARTS FROM GERMANY – But let’s go back to the plug-in hybrid SUV Wey Coffe 01, which is already on sale in Germany. In China, the car calls mocca (evidently at Wey they have a passion for what you drink for breakfast) and what we are about to try is his updated version. Lunga 488 cm, differs above all in the redesigned front, where the vertical logo of the brand stands out: it represents a thin vertical element inspired by the flagpole hoisted on the museum building of the Zhili government office in Baoding, where the founder of the Jack Wei house was born . Speaking of the mechanics, stay ibrida plug-in and is based, according to what we have anticipated, on a new 1.5 petrol turbo with 9-speed dual-clutch gearbox which transmits motion to the front wheels. There overall power of the hybrid system is equal to 397 CV. In China, the car will be on sale from June 2023. In Europe, however, we will hardly see it before a couple of years. Our passenger video test carried out during the days of the Shanghai Motor Show is, therefore, a preview aimed at showing us the functioning of the Wey Mocca’s autonomous driving systems. To find out how they go, you can click the video below.

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