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We rode The Next Ora Cat

THEY ARE NOT BANAL – Fashionable, fanciful, young and, above all, fully electric, these are the characteristics that distinguish the cars produced by Ora. atAuto Shanghai 2023 the Chinese brand of Great Wall Motor (GWM) presented the Ballet Car, a singular remake of the Volkswagen Beetle, intended for the Chinese market. On the other hand, two more electric cars will arrive in Italy: the small car Funky Catwhich we will call 03 and should be marketed between the end of this year and the beginning of 2024, and subsequently the luxurious sedan The Next Ora Cat: depending on the market, it has different names, including Ora Lightning Cat, Ora Grand Cat but in the Bel Paese it will be renamed No 07 and we drove it in a short test at the Great Wall Motor (GWM) test center in Baoding, not far from Beijing.

FROM CHINA TO THE WORLD – Before we deal with the The Next Ora Cat or, better, of the No 07, two notes on Great Wall Motor, a Chinese group that in 2022 sold over one million vehicles worldwide. The brand that already markets the pick up in Italy Steedis preparing a grand entry into Europe and not only with the Ora brand, but also with the brands Haval, which produces hybrid SUVs, and Wey: it offers the same type of car, but luxury and with a more sophisticated design. The Weys are already sold in some European countries, including Germany, where the Coffee 01 is offered. The updated version of the latter, which in China is called Mocca, to Volante has already had a taste (Who to know more).

OVER 400 HORSES – Let’s go back, however, to Hour 07. Length 487 cmhas streamlined sedan-coupe and di slightly retro taste. The passenger compartment is sporty and luxurious, offering four comfortable seats: despite the roof sloping strongly towards the rear, the sofa can comfortably accommodate two adults no taller than 180 cm. The two electric motors make the car a 4×4 and their overall power is 408 CV. Even if the No 07 has a heavy weight2200 kg), according to the manufacturer, the shot is sporty: 4.3 seconds is the time declared for the “0-100”. Without giving up on performance, the 83.5 kWh battery promises a range of 430 km. To find out how Hour 07 is going, click the videos below.

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