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What happens if you lost the service book on the car

In addition, over the past year, many models and brands were imported into Russia, previously unknown to our car market. Accordingly, the passage of many of them is recorded only on paper – in the good old service books. In any case, having a normal paper version of it does not hurt at all. First of all, because when selling a car in the future (such an event will happen sooner or later), it can be extremely useful to demonstrate to a potential buyer its presence and maintenance marks.

This adds to the latter confidence in the purity of the history of the car, on which he “had his eye.” If there is no “book”, and the owner of the car offers to go to the dealer instead of presenting it, where “all the moves are recorded”, then some suspicions may creep in from the buyer.

Well, when the car owner is not particularly worried about the likely future difficulties in selling the car, then the loss or absence of a service book should not worry him at all.

Data on the frequency of maintenance and the set of operations that are required to be carried out for the vast majority of cars “running” in Russia can be obtained from open sources. The minimum skill of searching on the Internet allows you to quickly get comprehensive information about this. Therefore, you should not take the loss of a book as a serious problem: what is it on hand, what is missing – there is no practical difference.

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