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What happens to the brakes of a car for a year of operation in Russia

The anthers were torn, although the car did not move out of the asphalt, and let moisture through, which immediately did its job with both the piston and the guides. The piston was new, the “guides” were lubricated with high-temperature grease. Did not help. Rust is a fast, instant process, in the case of a wheel: warming up, cooling in puddles, warming up again. We add a crush at traffic lights, where a dexterous taxi driver changes the plans of the entire lane with the blink of an eye, and an abrupt stop for the sake of a pedestrian who decides to cross four lanes outside the zebra without taking his eyes off his smartphone.

The result is a replacement. Blocks, by the way, too, because they are ground off asymmetrically. The cost of the operation increases, and the driver pays, because there is nowhere to go. The second important conclusion – the diagnosis of the brake system – from fluid to caliper – is as mandatory as changing the oil. It is almost impossible to catch wedging “on the go”: squeaks, increased fuel consumption, worse acceleration or overheating of the brake disc are not felt. We saw it because we went to look.

Brakes are the most important element of safety on the road, so saving and postponing service is not worth it. Pads, a repair kit and new guides are cheaper than bodywork, optics and gray hair. And for those who are going to travel a lot in the summer, you need to think squarely: the cars around us have not become stronger and more reliable this year, so you should only rely on yourself. And on your brakes.

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