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What is death to a “German”: why today European motor oils are destructive for our cars

The modern level of container manufacturing has reached such a level that it is almost impossible to protect yourself from counterfeiting. Moreover, counterfeiters have learned not only to clone canisters and labels, but also to skillfully bypass the system for checking containers for authenticity. For example, the same European oil that we bought for our “German” had a QR code and a unique identification number on its canister. That is, there was no doubt about the authenticity of the product, and the inhumane price tag seemed to confirm that the oil was indeed from a European warehouse, it had simply traveled a long way and considerable transport costs were included in the price.

The cold knocked on the engine

However, with the onset of cold weather, Polo, who lives not in a warm garage, but in the fresh air, began to mope. Usually you barely turn the key in the ignition and the engine is already purring. And then you oil it for about five seconds, and only after that it reluctantly starts and works with uncharacteristic knocking and rustling noises. At first they sinned on gasoline, but after filling up the fuel again at a proven gas station, it became clear that fuel had nothing to do with it. Everything fell into place when we took out the oil dipstick. Firstly, the oil was black as tar, and we only drove on it for a little bit – maybe a thousand and a half. Secondly, the level went to the lower risk, which, even taking into account the oil-guzzling characteristic of the “German,” was too much.

They took the canister with the remaining oil and carefully twisted and turned it again. Well, it’s just branded, I can’t get to the bottom of it. We scan the QR code again, go to the manufacturer’s Internet resource, spell-check the domain name, and then we understand that the scanned code leads to a clone site! Now, on the contrary, there is no doubt left that a fake was bought for crazy money.

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