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What is especially dangerous for a modern engine is 92nd gasoline

One of the hidden threats of using 92-octane gasoline is that not all manufacturers add cleaning and detergent additives to its composition – they make the fuel more expensive. And our impoverished citizens do not need this.

It is known that in the process of work in any power unit deposits and soot are gradually formed. So: fuel without additives greatly speeds up the process. The result – the motor begins to “sneeze” at idle, vibrations appear. The helmsmen have to fork out for various chemicals in auto shops, which, by the way, does not always help. Especially if there is too much dirt. As a result, it comes to more costly work in the service – such as, for example, replacing fuel injectors or decoking the engine.

The use of old fuel also carries risks, especially if its storage conditions are violated. Oxygen oxidizes fuel, additives (if any) lose their properties, and moisture worsens performance by triggering the reproduction of various fungi. The result is the same as described above – dirt in the cylinder-piston group. With such savings, there is a high risk of “killing” candles after the first refueling. Sometimes you can even see whole clods of dirt on them.

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