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What machine malfunctions can be detected by opening the window on the go

Perhaps this is how the pad that has not completely moved away from the brake disc declares itself – a signal that you need to check the mobility of the brake caliper cylinders. A constant metallic rustle is usually an indication that the hub bearing is about to require increased attention – soon it will buzz in full force. However, the point here may not be in him, but in the same caliper, the cylinders of which are “sour” and do not allow the brake pad to move away from the disc. Such a nuisance entails accelerated grinding of the disc. At the same time, it overheats itself and overheats the wheel bearing. By postponing the solution of the caliper problem, you run the risk of “getting” to replace many of the mechanisms from its “environment”.

In the process of diagnostic driving, be sure to sharply press on the gas several times, while causing the engine to spin up above 3000 rpm. In the case when it has a timing chain drive, at such moments you can hear it strum – it indicates serious wear: prepare a hefty amount to pay for the replacement of the chain and all related components. And at the timing belt, at such moments, the rollers of any tensioner pulleys can squeal and whistle. This is also a clear sign of wear and tear and the “ghost” of MOT.

But you should not pay attention to the clattering sounds rushing from some kind of wheels. It’s just a pebble stuck in the tread and is now hitting the asphalt with every turn of the tire. Don’t worry, it will fall out on its own over time.

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