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What new cars will soon be assembled at Russian factories?

Meanwhile, the head of the domestic auto giant, Maxim Sokolov, has repeatedly stated that AVTOVAZ is simultaneously negotiating with several Chinese companies. And recently, the notorious public Avtograd News, which leaks insider information about LADA, published some rather interesting information: Volga residents are studying the possibility of launching products from another Chinese brand – Chery.

The Tiggo 7 Pro crossover was even captured by cameras at the engineering center in Togliatti. And the production of the model can be established at the same “Nissan” site near St. Petersburg, although according to the Samara magazine “Autobroker Club”, the car will be put on the VAZ conveyor “Lada Izhevsk”. Again, official representatives of AVTOVAZ do not comment on any of the versions, as well as the situation about potential cooperation with Chery.

By the way, Chery has recently often been included in news reports about the upcoming localization of production. A few months ago, the Chinese visited the former Mazda plant in Vladivostok, and according to PrimaMedia, Sollers Auto shareholders even held negotiations with representatives of Chery Automobile. True, as you can see, the matter did not go beyond words. As, in fact, is the case with the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, where the Tiggo 8 crossover even appeared in the workshops of the enterprise. But the assembly of Omoda S5 sedans at the facilities of the ex-Volkswagen site in Kaluga is not excluded.

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