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What problems do Russians face when selling cars?

According to the survey results, 67% of Russians have experience selling cars, and 83% of them prefer to sell their cars to private traders. Only 17% turn to car dealerships and resellers for help.

For almost a third of respondents, selling a car takes about a month, for 14% it takes from 30 to 60 days. It is noteworthy that women get rid of their cars faster: 39% of the fair half said that the new owner is in 2-3 days. In such a short time, only 25% of men manage to sell a used car.

It is curious that even despite the experience of sales, the Russians have difficulty with this process. So, every tenth complains about the loss of time caused by “empty” correspondence with potential buyers, 8% are dissatisfied with the costs required to prepare a car for subsequent sale, and 5% faced difficulties even after the sale of the car. In particular, with the receipt of fines due to the fact that the new owner did not re-register the vehicle in the traffic police.

4% of Russians suffered from fraudulent actions when selling a car, the same number experienced stress from a protracted process, and 8% said they would never turn to intermediaries for help in selling a car. Moreover, 42% of respondents admitted that they are dropping prices for their goods, 8% will go to reduce the cost of a car by 15%, and 4% are ready to drop even more. As they say, just to buy. Moreover, women almost never make discounts, but men negotiate with buyers in 55% of cases.

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