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What serious “jambs” with the auto light the traffic police looks through their fingers

photo AvtoVzdzhad

It seems that violations by drivers of the rules for the use of automotive lighting devices have become completely uninteresting to the traffic police. The fall of the “popularity” of such a violation among traffic cops as the installation of LED “light bulbs” in headlights designed for “halogens” has been very clearly manifested recently.

Some time ago, seeing LEDs on a car moving on public roads was a great stroke of luck. And now such machines come across quite often. We must pay tribute to the manufacturers of light sources of this type: modern models of “LEDs” designed for halogen headlights provide the correct configuration of the luminous flux – they do not blind oncoming people and illuminate the road well. However, the replacement of regular “halogens” with “LEDs” is illegal, since it is an interference with the design of the vehicle.

Previously, the traffic police, having discovered such “blasphemy”, selected non-standard bulbs and issued the driver “under deprivation of a VU” for “violating the rules for installing devices on a vehicle for supplying special light signals” – according to Art. 12.4 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. But a few years ago, the plenum of the Supreme Court decided that if, as a result of such interference, the light from the headlight and its mode of operation remained unchanged, it was impossible to deprive the driver of the “rights”. Since his offense in this case falls only under the harmless Art. 12.20 Administrative Code – violation of the rules for the use of lighting devices. The maximum penalty for it is 500 ₽ fine. Here the traffic police officers have lost interest in self-made light fixtures.

photo AvtoVzdzhad

I encourage everyone to experiment. During the day, when you see a traffic police patrol in the distance on a country road, turn off your head light and see what happens. If you are waved with a striped baton, comply with the requirement without giving a “turn signal” signal, despite the fact that you are making a maneuver – you will move out of the lane to the side of the road. I give a 1000% chance that the policeman who stopped you will not even hint at the topic of the misuse of “light”. He can check documents, sniff for alcohol, “punch” cars through databases. And about the “light” and will not remember. Because he absolutely does not want to write a resolution on a 500-ruble fine.

You will feel approximately the same approach if you drive around with DRLs, in which half of the LEDs have gone out or treacherously winking. So what, what is a malfunction? The police don’t care. Now, if they begin to deprive them of “rights” for this, it’s another matter … This fully applies to the case when the brake lights burned out. Or the entire rear block headlight “died”. From the traffic police for driving with such truly accident-prone malfunctions, the driver will not get anything at all.

All of the above may not work in only one case: when you are unlucky enough to run into a police raid “by lighting devices.” In this case, a fine for violating the rules of use will still be issued – so that the serviceman has something to report to his superiors.



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