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What sounds in the car make you look for faults that do not exist

Perhaps the most curious sound, which exhausted all the nerves, was once encountered by the author of these lines. At some point, I discovered that on the go, with every turn, a quiet but distinct “knock” comes from the steering column area. Thoughts immediately sprung up in my head about a quick and expensive repair of the steering rack, power steering, cardan joints …

But none of the car repairmen I contacted about this found any crime in the steering system of my car. And only after a decent period of time, I accidentally discovered that I put a USB flash drive with music in the compartment for small coins under the steering column. And at every turn she slid and loudly “poked” on the plastic sides of the pocket …

No less radically sometimes the rubber suspension of the muffler under the bottom of the car “takes out the brain” to the car owner. Over time, it loses its elasticity and when driving through large irregularities, one of the “cans” of the exhaust tract begins to knock on the car body. The motorist hears this, decides that the sounds are made by a failed suspension and begins an unsuccessful search for a worn part.

On some cars, if you stand next to the hood with the engine running, a quiet but distinct chirping is heard from the engine. It accompanies the normal operation of the opening and closing nozzles of the fuel injection system.

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