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What surprised the new BELAZ

This next generation mining truck has a 2000 hp diesel engine.

Behind the wheel

The new generation BELAZ received the index 75184 and will soon be on sale in Russia. The copy in the photo was assembled in the experimental workshop of the plant and is now undergoing factory tests.

The load-bearing members of this 180-ton dump truck are made of high-strength steel with cast reinforcing members. The load on the load-bearing elements was also reduced due to the reduced frame weight, which at the same time became stronger.

Engineers also worked on the suspension, making the ride smoother and agility improved.

Behind the wheel

The basis of the electromechanical AC transmission was a 2000 hp diesel engine. Now it can work at one gas station longer thanks to the tank increased to 2500 liters. By the way, the tank is equipped with a quick filling system, fuel level control and the function of collecting and draining condensate.

The body of BELAZ received a new hydraulic system that raises it much faster, saving time on unloading.

Behind the wheel

The engineers also took care of the safety of the driver. The platform received an elongated visor that completely covers the cabin and the deck next to it.

The cab now has a digital instrument panel, a climate control system, improved sound insulation and air-adjustable seats.

In addition, BELAZ can be equipped with an additional heater, double glazing and electrically heated mirrors if the machine is purchased for work in the northern regions.

The new Russian car will be shown at the Army-2023 forum. The machine is completely imported – it is assembled exclusively from domestic components and components. “Behind the wheel” can now be read in Telegram.

Photo: BELAZ

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