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What symptoms of service station breakdowns spur car owners to serious but unnecessary repairs

For example, the “machine” may begin to “kick” when switching. Adding oil saves the situation only for a short time. Then in the service, of course, they talk about worn clutches. Which implies the dismantling of the unit, its complete disassembly and replacement of parts. The price depends on the vehicle model and easily exceeds 50,000 rubles even for a budget sedan. What’s the matter?

However, automatic transmission “kicks” can be caused by oil starvation. But where does it come from if the lubricant was topped up? For example, on the Chevrolet Cobalt unit, on the box body, you can find a small technological hole closed with a rubber stopper, which often falls out from shaking. Especially if you constantly drive on bumpy roads, but at high speed. That’s the reason for the problem.

So do not rush to give your hard-earned money for the overhaul of the “machine”. First, inspect the bottom, for example, in the country. Leaks of grease and the absence of this very plug will make it clear where to “dig”. As a result, you will need to pay about 1000 ₽ for a spare part, add lubricant and forget about the problem.

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