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The model, which won a medal in the field of design, is about to be introduced to the Russian market.

Behind the wheel

The Exeed RX was designed by Steve Hume. The model won the gold medal at the International Design Awards (IDA), becoming the first Chinese premium car to receive this honor since the award was founded.

At the heart of Exeed RX is the concept of “The Art of Technology”, which combines technological solutions with the expressiveness and emotionality of design handwriting. This was embodied in all the details of the exterior of the car, giving it a futuristic and artistic completeness.

Behind the wheel

The front of the car is decorated with a fashionable frameless diamond-shaped grille and X-shaped daytime running lights. Combined with LED strips on both sides, they form the shape of the Greek letter Σ, which symbolizes the spiritual element contained in the material.

The crossover profile is a combination of well-balanced proportions and smooth lines. The fastback roof forms a graceful curve, hidden handles are built into the body of the car, and body lines create a whimsical play of light and shadow on the side surface.

Behind the wheel

The RX is equipped with an intelligent lighting control system, which allows the headlights and taillights to create dynamic animations in time with the music playing in the car. This visual effect makes the RX not only recognizable, but also more visible.

The car has 4 exhaust pipes, and it shows impressive power, and thanks to the special design of the spoiler, it is more stable and comfortable at high speeds.

Exeed RX will be the fourth model in the brand line in Russia.

“Behind the wheel” can now be watched on RuTube

Source, photo: Exeed

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