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What to fear when choosing a used Haval F7 and F7x


Photo “AvtoVzglyad”

Crossovers Haval F7 and F7X are quite popular with our citizens, and they have been on the market for several years. Some copies have already managed to roll under 300,000 km of run. That is, by their condition, one can judge the reliability and resource of Asian components and assemblies. The AvtoVzglyad portal tells about whether it is worth choosing a “second-hand” Chinese car.

Last year, according to the AEB, Haval sold 10,015 cars, and this year already 31,567. Growth is 215%. Moreover, the long-livers of the market – the F7 and F7x models entered the top ten most popular “iron horses” in the “secondary market”. Moreover, two or three-year-old crosses are increasingly found on automobile classifications. At first glance, it’s a good deal. Is this so, let’s take a closer look at the example of several “Asians” who have wound more than 250,000 km of run. About their weaknesses writes the Zen channel “Autocase”.

We will not dwell on the recall campaign for the replacement of fuel pipes in detail. Everyone remembers the stories about the fires of “Khawail”. This is what the feedback is about. Therefore, when choosing a used copy, check the fact of a visit to the service to update the fuel lines.

Pay attention to the turbine. After 150,000 km of run, the “snail” often begins to throw oil into the intake system, which leads to a decrease in traction, and sometimes to overheating. The usually illiterate owner is blamed for this, who does not allow the engine to work after stopping for a couple of minutes at idle. However, there is no such “trouble” on the “Germans”. But there motors are more complex in technical terms.

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Go ahead. Already at 100,000 km, some instances were noted for incorrect operation, and sometimes for the breakdown of the valves of the VVT-i system couplings. It turns out that the valve ceases to properly pass lubricant into the clutch or does not open at all. So a knock appears under the hood, and after the revolutions begin to swim. If you run the problem, the clutches will break due to oil starvation.

But there is an even worse problem. After 180,000 km, immediately after starting the engine, the oil pressure warning lamp lights up for about a minute. What does it say about the wedging of the oil pump. Due to its incorrect operation, the engine simply does not have enough lubrication for some time. Gradually, this leads to a major overhaul of the unit and replacement of the pump.

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Conclusion – check the service book intervals for scheduled maintenance. If the previous owner pulled a visit to the dealer and saved on consumables, then it is better not to buy such a car.

Finally, the author of the channel “Category B” writes that when the numbers 250,000 km appeared on the odometer of his “Haveil”, the steering rack had to be repaired. They changed bushings and seals, because there was a knock, and there was play on the steering wheel. They say this happens often.

In the end, we note that after 130,000 km, tie rods and wheel bearings begin to give up. There are various “glitches” in the electronics and shocks in the gearbox. “Flashing” does not help for long. Therefore, buying a used Haval is a serious risk. The first owner will praise the car, and the second will regret buying it, because it will start to crumble. And far from trifles.



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