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What unexpected malfunctions can a non-extinguishing ABS icon on the dashboard indicate?

On an empty and straight road (ideally on wet or snowy asphalt), we accelerate to 40-50 km/h and press the brake pedal to the floor until the car comes to a complete stop. At the same time, working ABS will hit your foot with a pedal, and the car will slow down without changing course. Any other behavior can be safely considered a crime and confirmation that the system does not work.

Note, by the way, that on some cars the “ABS lamp” may light up when the wheel bearing fails. Therefore, it’s worth listening to see if you can hear a characteristic howl coming from any of the wheels.

To be completely sure that the anti-block has failed and a visit to the service station is necessary, you should perform a couple more manipulations under the hood of the car. First, make sure that everything is in order with the fuse responsible for the ABS. And secondly, check the electronic system control unit: is there moisture on it or inside it? It almost always causes “glitches” in any electrical system. Ideally, it makes sense to jack up the car and inspect the ABS sensors on the wheels. Or rather, the wiring that is connected to them. One of them may rot or break.

If, even when viewed from below, the system components do not cause any complaints, and the “lamp” on the dashboard continues to burn, there is no other choice but to visit the service center. There, using a diagnostic scanner, they will quickly determine the root of the problem.

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